Sunday, 9 May 2010

Without the S it is just a book of crap

About two years ago, I found a new and exciting hobby. I decided to make a scrapbook. Having only magazines and old bits of tissue paper and the odd bit of ribbon, I managed to finish one whole book (curtesy of Paperchase) and am now successfully onto my second... about a fifth of my way through the book ! But I do believe a scrapbook should be made using significant pieces of "scrap".. thus I did just that...

Closing my bedroom door + turning up the music + taking out my scrap booking box + opening my book + starting on a fresh brand new "canvas" = FULFILMENT :D and not to forget.. distraction from anything but...

I do recommend it for anyone who enjoys creativity and I guarantee it will not disappoint yourfashion/scenery/photography needs...

Here are a few images of my scrapbook/s :)))

If you have a Scrapbook, I would love to see it or read about it... let me know :))

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

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