Saturday, 22 May 2010

utTeRly bUtterly lovErly

I have JUST discovered a new breed of handbags online and they are absolutely divine :) Personally, I am not familiar with the brand, but I am guessing it is quite eminent –Coach. As the oversized clutch is seen to be held by all, Coach do the loveliest ones with a certain inspiration from Mulberry, do you think not?? (look below) It’s probably the chains and the shape of the bags that give it that edge and individuality. Having said this, and praised the brand, I regret to inform you that the prices are a “little” higher than I had hoped for … but what can we do??

Which ones are you fond of??

It does seem to be a celebrity trend as well, Isla Fisher, Kim Kardashian and Hayden Panetierre have all been spotted with a COACH bag, some way or another...

A trend? Possibly...
The Girl Who Loved To Salsa x x x x


  1. yeah i agree with you that some have a type of mulberry look. i really like isla fishers bag and the first one is beautiful, its designed by emily at

  2. salsa girl?? mmm that`s nice to hear ( in this case to read) coming from an English girl!!! xoxo

  3. Coach bags are uber-stylish...but I agree with you that they are a little pricey!

  4. I want the second one- so cute!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

    I love the black one!


  6. wow i've never seen any celebs in coach... the first bag is veryy cute

  7. damn I love coach...I love bags! Awesome post!!!!!!! Geez I LOVE ALL THE BAGS, CANT PICK JUST ONE! LOL!

  8. I heart Coach. It's been a classic in the US for years. Some popular bloggers (ie. Emily from Cupakes & Cashmere) had the opportunity to design limited edition bags for them. Totally cool. :) Anyway, loving your blog! xo- karrie


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