Sunday, 9 May 2010

Iran - A Nation of Aryans (Yes,that's right, the same as the Germans)

As I mentioned earlier, I am Iranian and very proud of my heritage. The unique and extremely hospitable culture is so (not to brag here) remarkable and marvellously delightful, and as the Persian Empire was a vast and powerful empire which stretched from the Mediterranean to the River Indus, the culture has fortunately developed over these many years and now we can explore various elements of this complex nation. I visit my family in Iran every two years or so, and these are a few pictures of Iranian streets from previous FANTABULOUSS holidays...

I also have some astounding photography of the Iranian scenery... andddd of Esfehan, the world's most beautiful city in the world. Google it.

More cultural stuff to come, if you haven’t got bored yet ;p x x x x

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