Sunday, 9 May 2010

… Peculiar or Inspirational?

"Weird yet wonderful."

"Mild and magnificent."

"Simple yet Innovative."

However one chooses to describe photography, be it magnificent fashion or wonderful landscapes, it always turns out to be somewhat compelling. A prime culprit of this trend of "weird and outrageous" fashion is the obvious LADY GAGA. As much as I love her (and I discovered her before anyone else!) She goes extremely OTT- but we love her for it!

The fact that everyone thinks differently is very enthralling and intriguing to me which is precisely why I have found some controversially stimulating photos of fashion at its best. I have taken my inspiration from the (quite old) HSBC advert, based on people’s perception on different images. So…. Fashion or stupidity?

Photos taken from Vogue Italia.

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

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