Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dior Shanghai 2010

Taken by John Galliano, this elegant and delicate sixties-chic cruise collection inspired by the French New Wave (Nouvelle Vague) is in perfect keeping with the spring/summer season which is fast approaching. Not only is the timing of this new inspiration of hair and fashion ideal, it works in great contrast with other collections which will soon also be dominating the streets. For example, the khaki trend and so forth. Dior has brilliantly brought back class, I believe, in a graceful and tantalizing new way; so therefore we MUST appreciate our femininity to the max this summer and Dior has wonderfully demonstrated the class and poise of the female nature. I have always been a huge fan for this style of hair (EXACCTLY like in Hairspray- the best everrr musical to ever be performed) so I definitely want to try it out, although I doubt my hair will uphold a fantastic do like that :( Nevertheless, I have found some of the collection. Be inspired, I know I will be ...

Is is not simply lush???

Love from, The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

x x x x x


  1. beautiful outfits looks sooo cute nice colloctions

  2. wow, i agree i love it! and that hair is one of my favourite things;) i ove that yellowy orangey dress with frills


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