Saturday, 29 May 2010

smoking can be so elegant at times... ohhh.

The following blog is not to promote smoking in any such way or influence your minds into taking up this habit….

As many do too, I love indulging in the odd bit of photography and I am fond of pretty much anything beautiful and intricate. However, I am pretty rubbish at taking photos myself… oh well, I guess I can only sit back and let others inspire me with their fabulous skills! Although, I can be fussy when it comes to the genre/era of photography :(

Personally I am not a fan of cigarettes; nevertheless they can look ever so classy when Audrey Hepburn is lingering nonchalantly with a cigarette in a long black cigarette holder held up by her elegant hand which is noticeably covered in her significant black glove. Is it wrong to admire a cigarette in this way? Or am I merely appreciating her style and individuality?

I hope these pictures enthral you the same way they did me…

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  1. Yea..I hate smoking but sometimes it looks so good in pictures or movies XD

  2. thanks for following me! i follow you too now x

    High street + Couture =

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  4. I'm not a fan of smoking, but these women are so glamorous. Beautiful photography :)

  5. I don't like smoking at all, but I love these kind of pictures!! I wish it wasn't so bad for health heheh.

    Awsome blog! I follow u :)

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous! I don't smoke myself, but it can look so, so chic when done right in editorials and movies!


  7. I smoke, and quite a few of my friends do too. We were talking the other day and I mentioned that I think us girls look really stupid when we smoke. I think it's silly, but I find men that smoke more attractive but it's funny how its not the same vice versa! x

  8. i know, i totally agree smoking can be so chic but so bad for you! i love audrey, shes my style icon :) follow me?

    x courtney


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