Sunday, 16 May 2010

An Almost Perfect Equation?

As many are, I am quite fond of gingham and wanted to share with you something I will be making. Unfortunately, I do not possess good sewing skills (or a sewing machine at that ... ) but nevertheless, I will hand sew if that is what it takes!

What do you think about this Christopher Kane SS10 superb number....?

Well… what about this MUCH cheaper one from New Look (which may I add is on sale for a shocking £15!)

Add a bit of lace with a few rough (and by that I mean ROUGH!) stitches here and there… you might just about be able to pull the designer look off.. What do you think??

An alternative to the lace might be this beautiful crop top from New Look..

However I have not yet figured out how I could incorporate this into the dress…. Any ideas??

You can also check out the rest of this utterly fabulous gingham collection by Christopher Kane ici…

Let me know what you think

With love,

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

x x x x


  1. I do like that cheaper new look dress!

  2. Thanks, I may have to take a trip to Zara soon then!

    That dress is really cute! :)

    Tessa Rose x

  3. I LOVE that crop top from New look!:) Btw, is it ok if I put a link to your blog on my page? I'm loving it! xxx

  4. those r pretty collection.


  5. Loving that gingham! So fresh, wish I had this for summer. I also will totally do pink in the summer!

  6. thank you for all of your LOVELY comments !!

    of course you can put a link to my blog on your page :))

    Niki x x x x

  7. Oh i looove gingham, you should totally get the dress: perfect summer attire! :)

    Thanks so much for your kind words; and you're right that Alexa photo is totally reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe :)



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