Sunday, 9 May 2010

HigH sTreET aNd DeSIGneR

I envy every single celebrity who earns more money than they can even spend. Walking down the streets in their designer clothes and designer handbags and designer make up, yep-you guessed it, DESIGNER shoes and Starbucks coffee, celebrities get to show off their money as they strut their stuff. Jealous much? Well, I am... a lottt...
But if one bothers to think about it, you can easily adapt their style to a cheaper one.. (like haven't thought of than one before!)

Compare this Alexander Wang leather insert cotton sweatshirt dress...

to the above, almost similar, sweat from Topshop


"All American sportswear gets a fashion-forward infusion with Alexander Wang's cutout gray cotton sweatshirt dress with brown leather shoulder inserts. Finish this bold silhouette with sporty heels to walk the look straight off the runway."

Impressed yet? Let me know... comments are words of joy :)

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