Monday, 10 May 2010

Check it out...

I have a Youtube Page...

which is where I have recently updated my bulletin to make a plea for everyone to vote for a languages video me and my friends made for a competetion earlier this year and have luckily got shortlisted for... but without the people's choice, we can not win the People's Choice Award :(

you can watch it on youtube....

We would REAALLLYYYYY appreciate it if you could vote for us here... (we are no. 14)

thank you so very much x x x

ps: the link might not work....
if not, simply go to the LAFTAS official website and click on "voting for your favourite shortlisted clip in the Peoples Vote" on the home page and then on "Voting Form" on the left hand side... thank you soo much x x x remember no. 14 :))))))

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

x x x x x


  1. hello deaR! the boots you asked me about are Versace ss2010 and are available right now in

  2. I will go check it out! Thanks for stopping by Little Blue Deer, I think I'm your first follower - yay!! XO!

  3. oohh... a little off budget :(((

    yes, you are indeed :D thank you verryy much x

    and thank you both for replying x x x x


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