Monday, 10 May 2010

Rebel Against Normality and Rejoice With the Absurd.

Having spent useless hours of rummaging through the internet, and doing absolutely nothing productive :(( I have decided to feature a new celeb every week and share delightful pictures of them, to highlight their besstttestt moments :) not hard.... celebs deem to be perfect.. grrr .

So this week, I have chosen.......


She has been my style icon for over 2 months now and I utterly adore her sweet and smooth complexion as well as her up-to-date fashion wardrobe, which she proudly prances around in on a day to day basis. Lucky sod ;p

This is perfectly demonstrated ici....

With unbelievably clear and flawless skin, she is just so blessed to have such a unique look, which I am sure many young girls will aspire to have and admire. OOhh,, but does she not look gorge with that pooch?? Must be the fame...

How could one forget her fabulous fashion sense and the most a-mazing clothes. I think it is fair to say that she know HOW to dress, WHAT to where and WHERE, do you not think??


Here is my top 4 but only a snippet of her fabulousness...

Number 4.

THE SHOES?!?! J’adore ! The statement shoes are a great way to make the “suit” like outfit more interesting. By wearing different contrasting shades of grey, there isn’t much going on, and then BAM… the shoes ! Yellow is dazzling and works quite nicely with the gold layered necklace making it EXTRA astounding.

Number 3.

Olivia is loving the florals and patters, no? Her sweet innocent glance really goes in perfect contrast with the dress, which is so simple yet extremely flattering and ravishing. The shape, instead of dragging her body down, elevates her and accentuates her tremendous figure (has anyone noticed her extra-knobbly knees?!?!). And if Topshop has a dress like this, I WANT IT. The black clutch adds a formal touch making all that bit more GLAM GLAM GLAM !

Number 2.

The colours? LOVE LOVE LOVE ! It is most certainly not a collection of colours and shades I would ever have considered fixating, but Palermo has done it excellently and SUPERBLY! And fully establishing a defined and articulate evening look, by using the darker deeper colours. I also adore her statement necklace. The jewels jazz this outfit up and it also draws attention to her neck upwards, which is a definite positive. Adding the jacket suggests a conserved look and approaches a classy sophisticated lady.

Number 1.

With this absolutely wonderful look, she has definitely achieved the preppy meets Gossip Girl, and boy can she pull it off… The different materials and textures give the whole outfit a sense of authenticity and originality. I admire her courage to put the hood up and it defoooo adds colour to the whole thing.

Lots of Love

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa

x x x x

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