Thursday, 17 June 2010

Girl Crush of the Month : LILY DONALDSON

Miss Lily Donaldson is one of THE most CLASSY AND ELEGANT AND CHIC models (and among women) everrr.  She has an effortless smooth and “parfait” complexion which every girl clearly envies making her by far “La Crème de la Crème”! I simply cannot describe the complexities of her style and appearance since there is a somewhat naivety in her engaging eyes.... something so enthralling, don't you think?
Donaldson is ever so Chloe/Burberry/FASSHHIIONN-esque, no? Is anyone drawn into her enchanting (running out of adjectives here .... ) presence? Or is it just me??! Boy can she work it! LOVE IT :D

Malheureseument, exams are still stressing me out.. ARRGHHH but pleaseee bare with me...
Oh and by the by… does anyone know how I can add people to my lovely list of existing followers... I LOVE TO LOVE YOU....



  1. love her! she's great!! love your blog too! xoxo

  2. The whole editorial is on Taryn's fashion spot thread if you want to see

    And I adore Lily Donaldson she's just beyond beautiful, and she's so versatile.
    Love the rest of you blog aswell, following :D

  3. Lovely blog...
    are you kidding? of course I follow you ....
    congratulations nice blog!


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