Sunday, 13 June 2010

Exams, Shexams... It's a Bloody Saturday Night!

Yesterday was the first day/evening I was able to go out after my MANYYY exams :D I got to catch up with my BESTESTT friends/cousins everrr as we indulged in the beautiful scenery of the… garden, as the weather thankfully permitted it. For me, it was a typical Iranian party (“Mehmooney”) which included some fine dancing, Persian cuisine and the usual socialising and chit-chatting, as we celebrated a wonderful birthday :D and stayed up extra late with the deafening music blasting through the joyful atmosphere - love it! But exams are unfortunately not over yet… GRRR… so it will explain the lack of posts to follow. But I have a few pictures to show the “productiveness” of last night…

Much Love x x x x


  1. absolutely LOVE the top and the cascading necklace is simply beautiful! You look stunning Iranian beauty! ! x x x x

  2. (i've been following with bloglovin' for a while since I don't use google connect)

  3. I just found your blog, LOVE!

    I am now following you, feel free to do the same <3


  4. thanks for following babe :} nice blog

  5. Love your top my dear! Such a gorgeous shape! Lovely blog, I really like your sense of style.



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