Saturday, 4 September 2010


LISTEN UP! Who has twitter?? Right.. if you answered YES then pplleeassee help me out by following JAYSBRDSTW on twitter- a fan club dedicated to the MEGA BUFF jay mcguiness from the amazingly marvellous THE WANTED... :D We would appreciate your support soo much and as we have just been followed by JAYNE COLLINS (the band's manager) we are going for gold now... we currently have 209 followers... YOU COULD MAKE IT HAPPEN! SO GET FOLLOWING PLEASE.... AND ALSO FOLLOW MY PERSONAL TWITTER... NIKILOVESWANTED :)
much love niki xx

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  1. Hey there lovely lady, Thank you so much for the comment. So glad you like my blog and I've actually had your link up on my blog list for quite a while now. I LOVE your blog! So i'll definitely be following =)

    x x x x Liv


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