Saturday, 31 July 2010

Oh So Chanel.

I am still calming myself down from seeing the WANTED perform live at Westfields the other day… and I am still calming myself down from when we met them afterwards to get their autographs :O... and I am still calming myself down from when Tom Parker (from the WANTED!) KISSED ME :O AND HUGGED ME :O ... not to brag here, but we're practically best friends... WE ARE TIGHT.

but anywhoooo... back to blogging (about fashion)... 

The contrast between designer and high-street fashion has always been vast and extremely diverse. With both having the potential to produce decent clothes for us to appreciate, they do it in individual and completely converse styles; which in turn is respected by a different "audience"... or even class. So what I found online recently challenges the stereotypical idealism of designer and high-street themes and in a subtle way combines the two; if you look carefully at the message being put across. The images have been designed, I believe, for individual interpretation and this is just mine. Maybe I am crazy for thinking the artist is trying to show what kind of world it would be if the two were somehow put together to live in harmony... I don't know... This idea is only applicable for the first image.. and as for the rest... I just think that they are might fine pieces of art indeed! What's your interpretation?? x x x Niki (LOVES THE WANTED) x x x ... (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER... NikiLovesWanted)

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